6 Key Areas of Personal Finance

Personal Finance is the term used in managing individual’s money to meet a certain financial goal. In managing our money, there are 6 key areas we should look into. 1. Income Income refers to the cash flowing in to our pockets that we can then use to support our needs and wants. It is theContinue reading “6 Key Areas of Personal Finance”

6 Fundamental Rules of Money

Handling money is no easy task. Poverty rate around the world is the proof. Getting into adulthood, we wish that personal finance was included in our basic education. There is a lot to tackle about handling money, but here are the 6 fundamental rules of money that can always help you in your decision making.Continue reading “6 Fundamental Rules of Money”

19 Expense Types

Say we already have an income. Let’s say a stable earned income. Now here are the expenses depleting our income. Usually, on our payday we get our salary. Next day, it feels like we don’t have enough budget to go through the next payday again. In order to get to Cash Heaven, increasing our incomeContinue reading “19 Expense Types”