Personal Finance

A lot of finance concepts will be used in this blog, including some concepts used in corporate finance and business accounting.

Topics in this section will include finance tracker, understanding finance terms, types of income and expenses, and many more.

Key Areas of Personal Finance

Personal Income Types

Earned Income Options

Profit Income Options

Capital Gains

Personal Expense Types

Types of Assets

Types of Liabilities

Stages of Wealth

Getting out of Debt FASTER

Cash Flow Budgeting

Fundamental Rules of Money

Personal Finance Management App (Web based DIY)

Key Metrics

BDO Savings Account

2 Paypal alternatives for Freelancers in 2020

Income Options

Freelance Transcriber at GoTranscript

Earn money playing Axie Infinity (A Step-by-Step guide with trusted links inside)

Earn Passive Income with Honeygain using your phone or laptop

Work as an Excel Expert at ExcelChat

Top Side Hustles for 2021

Profit Income in 2021

Work as a Freelancer in Upwork

Trade and Invest with eToro





Since income is the most crucial part of our finances, we decided to dedicate a page to list out all the options we can choose from.

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make money. In recent years income has been a bit stagnant, and the market has gradually shifted towards gig markets, side jobs, and free money, through passive income streams.

The issue with this state of economy is that it can be challenging to sort out legitimate income streams from scams, especially online. More and more scam sites are cropping up claiming to offer big payouts. Even if they are legit, they usually don’t pay much at all. Or even worse, your free money expires before you can cash it out because of unreasonable minimum payout limits.

Here some options for Income Sources I can recommend:

Upwork is a very saturated market. Although there are a lot of jobs posted daily, the competition is cut-throat. I never see less than 20 proposals being sent on any job offer after an hour of posting. 

I have Fiverr account. It’s a good platform since you commoditize your service here so more orders may come in. You can check out my freelancer account here. It is a good platform since you get to decide on the gigs that you can offer so you are sure and comfortable of what you are about to do for your client. I never got 0 orders in a month in Fiverr. I learned most of my marketing strategies in Fiverr Learn here. You should try it out as well.

Another platform I can recommend is People Per Hour. It’s the same with Upwork, but the minimum rates is higher. Less jobs are posted daily, but it is still a great addition to your opportunities. More chances of winning a project. Proposals do not need Connects unlike Upwork, so you won’t have to spend much on People Per Hour. I have higher money earned in People Per Hour than Upwork though because clients there would most likely prioritize quality over cheap service. Another upside is that I immediately get my money earned from People Per Hour wallet to my Paypal account immediately. You can sign up here so we both get bonus £30 credit.
If you are good at Excel, you can try this platform ExcelChat. It’s a good platform to earn money anytime and anywhere for Excel Experts like me.
You may want to check out my article about this here.

If you are confident of your English proficiency, you can try transcription jobs at GoTranscript. Creating an account here is already double sided for both as a customer and a transcriber. It may get confusing how to join them as a transcriber so here is a link of step-by-step guide on how to join GoTranscript as a transcriber.

Binance (spot trading, savings, staking, launchpool, liquidity, DeFi Staking, futures trading, and many more). You may earn from 0.24%-25% APY interest by holding cryptocurrency in savings or staking.
Personally, I also earn from futures trading on this platform.

If you would just want to play and earn money, you may also try Axie Infinity. It’s a Play-To-Earn NFT game that lets us players earn tokens/cryptocurrency called SLP or Smooth Love Potion. But this will need a somehow significant capital to start playing the game. It’s the highest income earning (given the rate of SLP of $0.28) I have as of this writing. You can read more on this here: Earn Money Online while playing a game (Axie Infinity).

You can also check this article for passive income. You’ll just have to install it in your computer and let it run in the background. – you instantly get $5 worth credits when you register with this link.
You can also try out these affiliate programs:  
 Fiverr Affiliates  
  Amazon Affiliates

As for me, I try out all these income options before I write an article about them. Let me know what you think or if you want me to research on a website platform.

I also joined affiliate programs to hopefully sustain my blog. Registering on my links will help me research and try out more contents at no cost for you. Plus, you also get bonuses from some of them when you register through my link. You can also try out these affiliate programs when you sign up with them.

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