Excel Template and Tools

We made this blog to help individuals handle their personal finance with the use of excel or google sheets. So here are the lists.

Personal Finance Tracker

Getting out of debt faster with snowball chart

Debt Snowball Chart

As a bonus, we are also compiling here the excel templates we use outside personal finance that could be of help you especially when doing business or investments.

Business Model Canvass

Lean Business Canvass

Retail Inventory Template

Inventory Tracker Excel Template for Retail Business

This is the spreadsheet template you need for tracking your retail business inventory items.

Debt Snowball Chart

Debt Snowball is a payoff method used to be free from debts. Paying your debt more than the minimum amount required. Like a snowball, it starts paying off debts from the smallest amount to the highest. One might argue that prioritizing the highest interest rate debts should be prioritized, but due to the nature ofContinue reading “Debt Snowball Chart”

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