Earn money playing Splinterlands (A Step-by-step guide with trusted links inside)

You’re looking for a stable NFT game. Play-to-Earn that has been here for a long time. NFT game where developers listen to the community. All assets are useful, everything earns some form of token which is equivalent to money. NFT game that can be a long-term investment. I highly recommend Splinterlands. This game is aContinue reading “Earn money playing Splinterlands (A Step-by-step guide with trusted links inside)”

Last Stand Computation in Axie Infinity

Entering Last Stand enables your axie to still perform actions based on the number of ticks. Last Stand is not random. There is math behind it. How do we enter Last Stand in Axie? (or perhaps avoid)How many Last Stand ticks do we get when triggered? There are 3 factors to check in determining lastContinue reading “Last Stand Computation in Axie Infinity”


Function Type: Financial Description: Returns the accrued interest for a security that pays periodic interest. Function Structure: =ACCPRINT(issue, first_interest, settlement, rate, par, frequency, [basis], [calc_method]) Argument Breakdown: issue – Issue date of the security. first_interest – First interest date of the security. settlement – Settlement date of the security. rate – Interest rate of the security.Continue reading “ACCRINT”