Earn money playing Splinterlands (A Step-by-step guide with trusted links inside)

You’re looking for a stable NFT game.

Play-to-Earn that has been here for a long time.

NFT game where developers listen to the community.

All assets are useful, everything earns some form of token which is equivalent to money.

NFT game that can be a long-term investment.

I highly recommend Splinterlands.

This game is a digital card trading game where you can battle your cards to earn DEC token or just rent it out if you don’t have time to play. Of course, buy and sell is always an option.

Here are the steps in starting your Splinterlands journey and investments.

  1. Cick this link to go to Splinterlands website. You will see the image below.

2. Click on “Play Now” button in the center of the home page.

3. Click on “Create Account” button in the left side of the pop-up box.

4. Type in your Email Address on both boxes then check the Terms of Service so you can click Continue.

We get referral commission of 5% when you sign up using our link and we need it to keep our blog running. Thank you for using our link.

After this step, please check your email. You may follow its instructions.

Try to play for a while. If you want to go to higher leagues, you can rent cards so you can check if it suits your playstyle before you purchase the card. Peakmonsters is the website I use to rent conveniently.

You may also earn HIVE in Peakd or SPT in Splintertalk by writing blogs.

Here are the other links you might need for your Splinterlands journey:
1. Splinterlands website
2. Abilities and Status
3. Peakmonsters website (where you can rent cards more conveniently)
4. My blog on how I grow my assets using 40 USD
5. Current price of all the assets
6. SPS Airdrop points Calculator
7. DEC Reward Pool

If you need further help, we’re always open to guide you. Send us an email forcashheaven@gmail.com

Leave a comment what you think about Splinterlands.

In my own opinion, the best thing with Splinterlands is you can use multiple accounts. This means that studying the game will reward you even more.

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