Last Stand Computation in Axie Infinity

Entering Last Stand enables your axie to still perform actions based on the number of ticks.

Last Stand is not random. There is math behind it.

How do we enter Last Stand in Axie? (or perhaps avoid)
How many Last Stand ticks do we get when triggered?

There are 3 factors to check in determining last stand.
1. Last Hit (Last Card to kill)
2. Remaining HP (receiver of the damage)
3. Morale (receiver of the damage)

I will also add these equations:
Excess Damage = Last Hit – Remaining HP
Last Stand Trigger = Remaining HP x Morale / 100

So to enter last stand, Excess Damage has to be less than the Last Stand Trigger.

Excess Damage < Last Stand Trigger

Last Hit – 171
Remaining HP – 155
Morale – 31

Mech attacks a plant with Sinister strike where Plant enters Last Stand.

Excess Damage = 171 – 155 = 16
Morale Trigger = (155 x 31) / 100 = 48.05 (48 as it will be rounded down by Axie)

Since the Last Stand Trigger is higher than Excess Damage, the Plant enters last stand.

171 – 155 < (155 x 31) / 100
16 < 48
Excess Damage < Morale Trigger

You may also want to watch the full video of the battle here:

To avoid your enemy axie going in last stand, make sure that your Last Hit will be so much more than the Remaining HP by:
1. Delivering a low damage for the last hit
2. lower your enemy’s HP before your last hit especially for those Axies with high Morale stat.

As for Last Stand ticks, there seems to be a bracket for each morale tick.
27 – 30 = 1 tick
31 – 47 = 2 ticks
48 – 61 = 3 ticks
If your axie has a MORALE+ effect when it dies, it will add a tick in your last stand.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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