Lean Business Canvass Template in Excel

You’ve got your idea for a business and wants to make a short business plan for the mean time… or
You are a business man who wants to put your plans in a single page.

This is the right Excel template for you.

This model is ready to be printed in Landscape format.
To make it easier to fill-up the Lean Business Canvass, guide questions will pop-up when you select the cell.
If you want to plan for different ideas, you may make a copy of the template then rename the new sheet to the name of the idea.

The Lean Business Canvass is divided into categories and more subcategories.
Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth paying attention.
High-Level Concept
List your X for Y analogy e.g. YouTube = Flickr for videos

List your top 1-3 problems
Existing Alternatives
List how these problems are solved today.
Outline a possible solution for each problem.
List the key numbers that tell you how your business is doing.
Cost Structure
List your fixed and variable costs.

Something that cannot easily be bought or copied.
List your target customers and users.
Early Adopters
List the characteristics of your ideal customers
List your path to customers (inbound or outbound)
Revenue Streams
List your sources of revenue.

If you are doing a marketplace platform or any SaaS business, this is the right Business Canvass for you.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message me or email me at forcashheaven@gmail.com

You may purchase the template here.

Published by Cash Heaven

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