Business Model Canvass excel template

You’ve got your idea for a business and wants to make a short business plan for the mean time… or
You are a business man who wants to put your plans in a single page.

This is the right Excel template for you.

This model is easy to edit and ready to be printed in Landscape format.
To make it easier to fill-up the Business Model Canvass, guide questions will pop-up when you select the cell.
If you want to plan for different ideas, you may make a copy of the template then rename the new sheet to the name of the idea.

The Business Model Canvass is divided into 3 categories and more subcategories. The numbered lists are their guide questions to fill up.
Value Propositions
1. What value does your product or service bring to the customer?

Cost Centers
Key Partners
1. Whom do you need to work with to produce and deliver your solution?
2. Who are your suppliers and partners?
Key Activities
1. What do you need to do to produce, market, and deliver your solution?
Key Resources
1. What do you need to have in order to produce, market and deliver your solution?
2. Who or what are the most important assets?
Cost Structures
1. What costs will you incur to operate your business model?

Profit Centers
Customer Relationship
1. How do you talk to your market about your solution?
2. How do you acquire customers?
Customer segments
1. Who needs your solution?
2. How many people need your solution right now?
3. How many people will eventually need your solution?
4. Who will buy your product?
1. How do you deliver your solution to customers?
2. Where can customers find your solution?
3. How will you reach your chosen customer segments?
Revenue Streams
1. How will you generate revenue from each customer segment?

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message me or email me at

You may purchase the template here.

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