Earn Passive Income with Honeygain using your phone or laptop

So you are looking for passive income.

Oh, and you have unlimited internet.

Maximize your unused bandwidth with Honeygain.

The good news is that Honeygain is a genuine form of passive income. You earn money by sharing your unused internet traffic with companies that need it to perform their tasks online.

To add, you can collect 10% of daily earnings from your referred users making it a really great source of passive income.

Easy way to earn passive income

With Honeygain, start making money online in just a few minutes.
Simply install the app on your device, sign up for a free account, lean back and watch your balance increase.

In the eyes of many, passive income involves investments or renting out goods that others may need or enjoy using.
However, Honeygain tops it, after the initial setup, it requires zero effort to generate credits (a.k.a cash). Honeygain does it all for you!

The truth is that investments are a complicated matter for most people.
Typically, they prove the adage that in order to make money you need to have money.
In reality, not everyone has enough cash sitting around to drop into stocks, buy real estate, or toss into high yield savings accounts.
What’s worse, except for the savings, the other options aren’t even guaranteed!

So, Honeygain is an excellent solution because you don’t have to do anything.
Just install the app on your devices and turn it on when you’re willing to share bandwidth.
That’s all it takes!
No brainer, right?

Is it safe to use Honeygain?

Your internet traffic is used by trusted partners and high reputation companies only.
All of the connections made through your device are securely encrypted, and the Honeygain app itself will not gain any access to your device’s storage.

Honeygain ensures that all your personal data is safe at all times.
The company does not keep any of your personal data on their servers.
The only data that are kept is necessary for their services.

How Honeygain earns money?

By sharing your internet connection through Honeygain, business partners can access the web from your location.
That’s how you help others to view the internet as it is seen by real people – without any location restrictions or censorships.

Here are the most popular use cases for your network:

SEO + Business Intelligence

Having an un-censored view of the internet clients can collect real and unobstructed web statistics, which are crucial for making the internet a better internet for everyone.

Brand Protection

Top brands can scan the web for copies and counterfeits of their products as well as other intellectual property violations – giving you some peace of mind while purchasing items online.

Ad Verification

With Ad verification companies can check whether their ads are running correctly and on the right websites – exactly, where they were intended to be shown.

App Testing

Thanks to the Honeygain network – app developers can streamline their testing flow so that everyone will experience the app content as it was intended to.

Content Delivery

Some content can be geo-restricted like Music, IPTV, or even VoIP. Thanks to CD people like you can access geo-blocked content, making the internet a truly borderless place.

Price Comparison

Honeygain takes credit for making e-commerce and retail more competitive. Our global network enables users to find the best prices product sold online.

TLDR version: The company lets other businesses use their network to gather data and market research. The value of the network is that it’s installed across several different devices and IPs, so their clients can get data from a variety of sources.

Honeygain referral program

Once you invite your friends to sign up for an account with us and your friends start sharing their internet bandwidth with Honeygain, 10% of their daily earnings will be added to your account. 

Everyone who signs up for a new account using a referral link or code will receive $5 worth of credits into their total credit count.

Once you sign up without referral link or promo code, you won’t be able to receive this bonus anymore so make sure you register with my referral link.

How much can you earn?

Honeygrain uses credit. You get 1 credit per 10MB shared.

1 credit is $0.001

You can earn $1 per 10GB internet shared for the default network sharing.

$5 worth you get from this referral link is 5000 credits.

Payout Process

You can request payout once you reach a minimum of $20.

You can request your payout through Paypal or BTC.

It will take approximately 2-3 business days for the payout to appear on your PayPal account or BitCoin walllet.

For PayPal payouts, there are certain fees that are applied by the payment provider Tipalti. The exact sums are as follows:

Payout receivers’ countryFee per payment
US ResidentUSD 1.00 + 2% up to USD 21.00
Non-US ResidentUSD 1.00

What do you need?

Paypal account or BTC wallet

Computer, Laptop, or even your mobile phone.


Can you use VPN? No, you will be banned.

You would think that honeygain will use much of your computer bandwidth so here’s a screenshot of task manager.

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