Personal Finance Management App (Web based DIY)

To achieve our goals, we need to track our progress.

Here is a guide on how you can make your personal finance tracking system using Google Sheets and Google Forms. Formula and Tables have already been made so it should be fairly easy to use.

Open this google sheet link. This should lead you to this:

Summary sheet of Cash Heaven tracker.

Make a copy. Click on “File”. Select “Make a Copy”. A dialog box will appear. Copy the settings in the image below.

Open the copy you made.

Summarize the beginning balances of your assets and liabilities as of today. Input all the assets and liabilities applicable. You may change the cells with fill colors of light yellow.

Google Sheets will also have a copy of forms that will come with it. Open the google forms.

Get the link for the live form by clicking on the “Form” tab. Select “Go to live form”. This is where you will input your transactions. You can open it in your phone’s browser so you can track your expenses, anytime and anywhere.

Everytime you have transactions, input the Description, Date, Debit Account, Credit Account and Amount.

Note that we are using double entry in inputting our transactions. Debit Account and Credit Account are both required. For every debit, there should be credit. To gain an asset such as cash, we need to get a loan or earn income.

Normal Balance

Debit Account



Credit Account



Normal balance increases the account. When we debit asset, we increase it. When we credit asset, we decrease it.

E.g. When you receive your salary in cash, you debit Cash and credit Earned Income.

E.g. When you buy food groceries using your credit cards, you debit Food Groceries and credit Credit Cards Payables.

E.g. When you pay your credit card, you debit Credit Card Payables and credit Cash. This decreases both your Credit Card Payables and Cash.

Once you input your transactions, you can already see in the summary tab your updated balances.

To check or edit the transactions, you can go to the “Transactions” sheet. If you don’t wish to use the Google Forms, you may also enter your transactions in this sheet.

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