Excel Cell

In Microsoft Excel, a cell is a rectangular box that occurs at the intersection of a vertical column and a horizontal row in a worksheet.


Thus, it is defined by a combination of column and row e.g., A1

Name Box

A cell stores 1 data at a time. These data can be a formula, text value, numeric value.

Cell, Row, Column

Let’s start by selecting a cell, row and column.

1. To select cell B2, click on the box at the intersection of column B and row 2.

Cell B2

2. To select column B, click on the column B header.

column B

You may also select the column B without using a mouse using this shortcut

ctrl keyboard button + space


3. To select row 2, click on the row 2 header.

row 2

You may also select the row 2 without using a mouse using this shortcut

shift +space

Insert Row, Column

To insert a row between the values 20 and 40 below, execute the following steps.

2040 row

1. Select row 3.

select row 3

2. Right click, and then click Insert.


The rows below the new row are shifted down. In a similar way, you can insert a column.

after insert row


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