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You might be picturing a sea of clouds, full of cash. Or you might simply be visualizing a king sized bed made of cash. Or why not both? That surely sounds like heaven! Cash Heaven refers to our financial goals. This blog revolves around the concepts of stages of wealth. You may want to check the blog article here.

This blog aims to help everyone understand CASH and wealth better. Cash is seen in our everyday transactions, yet it is not in our basic education. By understanding cash, we should be better off in our everyday lives and look forward to our better future. What keeps us apart from Billionaires is the strong command of cash.

Hello reader!

Hi, I’m Jonas, a freelance excel expert, passionate about personal finance, wellness, and travel. Thanks for visiting!

This blog started as a thought of compilation of all the knowledge I have acquired regarding personal finances and excel sheets, and now I want to share it to everyone.

From the blog

Personal Finance

A lot of finance concepts will be used in this blog, including some concepts used in corporate finance and business accounting.

This will include finance tracker, understanding finance terms, types of income and expenses, and many more.

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Learn Excel

Since we are talking about personal finance using excel and google sheets, we put up a section for you to check out the functions used, especially in our templates and tools.

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Since we will be using Excel/Google sheets in our personal finance management, bonus page for Excel tips, tricks, and templates is added.

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If you need help with your Excel/Gsheets or your business especially in financial modelling, I can help you as well. Please connect with me via email.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jonas. I’m an entrepreneur, and I became blogger and freelance excel expert and financial modeller in 2019. Most of the time you will see me doing excel projects and financial modelling, or playing Splinterlands. When I’m not spending time in front of my laptop, I love reading books, travel for adventure, and living a healthy life! Read more

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